Sunnyside Nurseries

Sunnyside Nurseries stock a wide variety of high-quality bare-root and potted hedging and shrubs for your garden. We are here with the knowledge and tools to aid your home gardening projects.

Sunnyside Nurseries

About Sunnyside

For over three decades, our team has supplied the highest quality horticultural products and tools. Our range includes hedging, trees, shrubs and fruit plants. Whatever you need to create your dream garden or outdoor space – we have you covered!

Create the Perfect border

Planting your own beautiful garden border couldn’t be easier, with our variety of hedging. Tall to small, we have the plant and tools for you to create the perfect outline for any garden and path.

Keep your garden in bloom

Let your garden flourish twelve months a year. We stock a stunning variety of plants, flowers and shrubs for every season, we can recommend the perfect selection of plants to keep your garden green and lush all year round.

Common Holly